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Three Local Tunes To Hear Now
Originally ran in Athens Banner-Herald Jan. 29, 2014.

Streaming audio makes keeping with new local music just as easy as
tracking iTunes headliners. Sites like bandcamp and Reverbnation help
artists connect directly to the listener, often for free or small
donation, effectively cutting out the record label middlemen. Here are
three songs, available free to stream and worth checking out, that you
can find on the Internet right now.

Programs, “Generations”

Most of the synth-duo’s 2013 EP “Promises” is driven by guitar. But
the six-string instrument takes a back seat on this track. A slow
disco beat and bass pulses pound into prominence, weaving a slick
groove through the lyrics. It deserves full-bodied gyrations, and even
the most stoic will be moved to nod a head. A very electro bridge
gives the song some vibrant color. “Generations” is delightful and
steady. Listen here: http://bit.ly/1fcAhtL

Lia Racanelli, “Live in the Moment”

The former Miss Georgia competitor touts herself as an R&B singer, but
“Line in the Moment” is the only evidence we could find to back up the
claim. “Moment” sounds like a schmoozer jazz ballad. But that’s not a
bad thing. Her vocals soar over the horns and piano, occasionally
echoing Christina Aguilera when she went retro. A delicate melisma
rounds out the verses, adding sweetness to the tune. This is a
refreshing addition to an otherwise restrained song. Singing, not
structure is Racanelli’s strong suit. And they are high above
synthetic instrumentation here. Listen here: http://bit.ly/MgJHfi

Betsy Franck, “I’m Afraid”

Franck’s voice pulls you into the song as she seems to serenade her
acoustic guitar accompaniment. Like any good country-blues artist, she
uses her vocals to convey her emotions. She fears staying with someone
yet doesn’t want to leave. It’s an honest dichotomy. Doubt fills “I’m
Afraid,” and Franck’s vibrato combined with the steady, dejected
melody solidly conveys her anguish. For the last minute of the song,
the singer takes a back seat to the perpetually forlorn fiddle line.
As the ballad closes, the other strings back out, leaving the desolate
fiddle tug to play the last note. Listen here: http://bit.ly/1fxc6a6

Sunny Side Up
Originally ran in Athens Banner-Herald Dec. 15 2013.

Profile on local musician, Honeychild, discussing her musical influence and new album, ‘American Beach.’
Honeychild 1 Honeychild 2

Lights, Camera, (Music) Video!
Originally ran in Athens Banner-Herald Oct. 6 2013.

Profile on two young filmmakers who have tapped into an unchartered area of creating music videos for local artists.
Local filmmakers profile 1 Local filmakers profile 2

A New Tune in a Classic City
Originally published for UGAzine online, Jan. 18, 2013.

Amidst the downtown bars and partying, Athens offers much more— its unique and invigorating music scene. With venues such as the 40 Watt, Georgia Theatre and New Earth Music Hall, Athens is home to a variety of acts not just confined to the B-52’s and R.E.M. types of old.

Now, Athens is home to music fit for many tastes.

Athens is also home to an indie rock scene that is unlike another outside of the Classic City. So it’s no wonder why UGA, and therefore the city of Athens, was deemed a top hipster college in America, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

One notable band is New Madrid, and they’ve been making waves in the Classic City from their performances in various locations. Critics have praised their music, and their sound is completely different from what is popular now.



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