Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake’s “Love Never Felt So Good” Video Debuts



After much hype, the “Love Never Felt So Good” video debuted today. News leaked earlier this week that Justin would appear in the video with Michael. Doing this with a singer who is deceased is tricky. It can either come off unbelievable or just out of place. But the makers of the clip were able to pull it off.

As is exemplary of Michael’s later videos, various groups of people come together joyously. The late singer’s vision of cultural harmony has come to life. Fans mime Jackson’s verses and perform his iconic dance moves. Expect to see the “Beat It” arm reaches and a determined tyke attempting the gravity-defying lean of “Smooth Criminal.” Jackson’s appearances consist of smiles at Justin and fans from a scene in “Remember the Time” as well as dancing in clips like “Jam.”

Justin takes cues from those videos. It’s well known that Jackson is a major influence on Timberlake both musically and performance-wise. When it’s time for the “Not A Bad Thing” singer to shine on the bridge, he effortlessly imitates the king of pop. A flip of his leather jacket makes you forget about Justin’s unfortunate Macklemore haircut. “Love” is a cheerful clip that makes the already infectious song even more inspiring than before.

Watch it below: