Britney Spears wants to go “artsy-fartsy”



Last year, Britney Spears released her heavily anticipated album “Britney Jean.” The effort was touted as her most personal record to date. Fans, or the Britney Army as they’re known, were ecstatic to finally be getting the raw record they’d been wanting since The Original Doll dropped was never released back in 2006. But when “Britney Jean” was released, fans were left puzzled.

The album featured dance tracks and the lead single was titled “Work Bitch.” While the anthem kept her gay fanbase happy (for a time), most of the Army was left scratching their heads. There were a few gems that were personal, but they were tossed on the bonus track list. Not only that, but frequently employed back up singer Myah Marie has been accused by fans of using her voice to fill in where Britney slipped through the cracks.

Probably the most disappointing of all was yet another collaboration with was featured. The Black Eye Peas frontman is such a turn off that the Army has dubbed him “will.i.cant” and “”

Then last month, while promoting her new lingerie line, Britney stated during various press interviews that she wanted to try something new on her next album. She wanted it to be artsy-fartsy. Many fans have long wanted the singer to branch out and do something different. Still another set wants her to stick to the sexy dance club tunes that she’s known for.

Since the album is nowhere near to being completed, only time will tell what the actual direction of the record will go in. As any Britney fan knows that can change in an instant. More than anything, here’s hoping that the singer sticks to what she wants to do and explores different themes and utilizes new producers.


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