Lady Gaga’s SXSW “Artistry” Takes Focus off Music


Latin Post/Twitter: @GagaFNews

In case you missed it, Lady Gaga has made her gimmicks relevant again by getting puked on. That’s right. Gaga went on stage at SXSW Thursday and performed her song, “Swine,” and all kinds of strange things occurred. The singer looked naturally disheveled as she stood pounding drums in undies, fishnets and an apron. (The latter is from an earlier bit where the singer poured beer and sausages on herself and over the audience after she was tied to a roasting spit like an actual swine). Along side her, ‘Vomit Painter’ Millie Brown stood downing green paint from a water bottle. The ladies then proceed to climb a mechanical bull. Gaga played the piano while Brown chugged blue paint and threw it up on her scissoring partner. You can watch the performance for yourself below, but the discussion doesn’t stop here.

For years, the ARTPOP singer has proclaimed that this is who she is. All the wacky outfits, outrageous stage antics, countless Madonna and other obscure pop culture rips offs are her. But as other young stars emerge, they too are competing for the same or similar target demographics . Miley Cyrus has made a “strategic hot mess” of her first world tour. But the difference between Cyrus and Gaga is that Cyrus is breaking out and making a name for herself.

Miley’s antics are fresh and new because we’ve never seen her or anything like this before. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, has recognized that her acts weren’t going over well so she’s had to bring in other people to help her out. There’s nothing too bad about that except it proves that maybe Gaga can’t quite hold her own much nowadays. It’s only now that she’s brought in someone else who has gained notoriety that she’s garnered attention once again. Still, the New York native has been making headlines for days over this so she’s doing something right. Right?



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