Coldplay Surprises with New Song “Midnight”

Mary Wigmore, EMI, Vevo

Mary Wigmore, EMI, Vevo

Continuing the trend of surprising sounds Coldplay surprised everyone yesterday. “Midnight” is a minimal, ambient track with a steady pulse. It’s trance-y but not the kind of trance that’s typical of EDM. The song pretty much focuses on the instrumentation since the lyrics are indistinguishable. The band is known for their experimentation musically and visually and this is no exception.

They’re not referring to the song as a single but it does have an accompanying music video. The clip features a black and white night vision negative look of the band trekking through the forest. Visions of a lone wolf are shown between the band performing along with scenes of barren trees. Faces aren’t discernible much like the lyrics. By the end of the clip, the group is shown in color against a post grey dawn.

Mary Wigmore serves as director. She’s known for her film work, including the 2001 comedy, Shallow HalHer most recent documentary was about midwives who birthed babies on a communal farm. Yeah, pretty out there.  Given her wide range of interests, it makes sense that she was tapped to direct this odd video.

Watch it below.


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