Pitbull Releases “Wild Wild Love” with G.R.L.



After the success of harmonica-soaked “Timber,” Pitbull has once again dipped into the Americana bucket. This time Ke$ha isn’t featured. G.R.L., another one of Robin Antin’s Pussycat Doll incarnations, perform on “Wild Wild Love.”

Mr. Worldwide’s constant presence on top-40 radio can be excessive.  But his frequent producer Dr. Luke does have a knack for finding new sounds to build into the dance-pop machine. Even if this song is similar to everything else on the airwaves now, the little twinge of acoustic guitar mixed into the production gives the track uniqueness. 

At least Pitbull is sensible enough to not make the song such a big chant-driven track as “Timber.” That way the song isn’t a direct clone of its predecessor. “Wild Wild Love” is a sweeter sounding tune. The strumming at the opening sounds similar to “Don’t Wake Me Up” by Avicii but the similarities end there. It’s an odd mixture of a ballad and a danceable mid-tempo. Bass pumps in the background enough to let you know it’s there. Like Ke$ha’s feature, the oddness works.

The best part of the song are G.R.L.’s harmonies. As usual, Pitbull’s rhymes are pretty mediocre but he manages to repeat things enough to let you know he’s behind the track. It’s a simple song but delightful all the same.

Listen to it here.


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