Lady Gaga Performs ‘ARTPOP’ on the “Tonight Show”

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Last night, Lady Gaga fueled speculation that the title track to her third studio album, “ARTPOP,” could become the next single. She showed up on the “Tonight Show” to perform the quirky song. In pure Gaga fashion, she toned down the single for the live show and opened by playing the piano. Electro keyboard and drums join in later as she jerks her way down the white staircase she’s perched upon.

Live performances often outdo recorded versions of songs and this shows it. Gaga is best when she keeps it simple, her voice echoing in a soulful melody. Automatically this is 20x better than the oddness of the album version. On the record her voice is almost too small for the synths that accompany the track. Here it’s at the forefront.

If you don’t let the quirkiness of her wardrobe and her strange movements get in the way, you can see the artist she truly is. Gaga swears up and down that the crazy get ups are who she is. After all, she is from theatre but she’s more authentic when she puts the gimmicks aside. The antics are aren’t going anywhere though and they’ll likely only get wilder. For Jimmy Fallon’s show, at least she wasn’t 100% weird.

Check out the performance below.


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