Estelle Shocks With Vulgar New Single, “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”



If the cat between the vertically situated legs didn’t tip you off, Estelle has made her musical return in a raunchy way. The lead single from her EP, Love & Happiness Vol. 3 How Stella Got Her Groove Back, has been likened to Beyoncé’s  present overtly sexual image. Pop stars and R&B darlings have made a habit of shocking the general public by revamping their image in a sultry way. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the British soul import has made this change too. After being away from American listeners for two years, the singer returns with her explicit single “Make Her Say (Beat It Up).”

Simple clicking and snaps opens the track and then Estelle chimes in, sing-talking about the excitement in her man’s pants. When the chorus comes, bassy beats and chants form in between her coos. Electronic blips and faint screams help round out the hook. There’s not much more to the song than that. The song trickles out after the “American Boy” singer says the final lyrics. It’s pretty straightforward.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the singer has made this change. Now more than ever, in a culture full of Lady Gagas and Miley Cyruses, sexuality is needed to stay relevant. No one complained when Beyoncé did it,  so it really shouldn’t be any different now. Time will tell if this transition will bode well for the singer. She may not be known for her sex appeal (yet) but she could be well on her way to being a major seductress.


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