Britney Spears Closes Deal for Vegas Residency…Until Monday Comes



Britney Spears is set for Vegas! A headline like this has been circulating on the inter-webs since last winter yet there still hasn’t been any official confirmation from her management regarding a string of shows in Sin City. As the story goes, Spears is supposed to have to two-year residency where she performs weekly shows in Las Vegas. She’s had the proposal for residency and subsequent bidding war as to where the show will be taking place. One thing that has been consistant is the fact that veteran journalist Robin Leach has consistently reported every little detail that emerges over the contract and shows. His latest headline promises that an official announcement will be made on Monday.

Well, Monday came and went and nothing has been announced. In fact, nothing has ever been announced. The only thing that has been confirmed is the fact that Britney has been getting in shape for the show. She’s promised it will be a “massive party from start to finish”. But the only thing that has been consistant about any Vegas residency reports from Leach is that he continues to promise than an announcement will be made Monday after Monday.

It’s important for music industry outlets to be the first to report exclusives. However, by Leach jumping the gun on the finalization of the deal every month since the spring, it it threatens his credibility on the story. It’s a basic and important part of journalism to have people trust what a reporter says. Thus, when big news is promised for the top of the week, it better be delivered.

There’s no doubt that Vegas will happen–these kinds of deals typically go back and fourth repeatedly in order to meet the demands of the venue/entertainment group and the artist. A down side of this fact is that it causes a headache for those wanting to get the story first. This complicates things since they have to then report on every little change in detail so that they keep the public updated. It tends to be helpful with keeping up appearances when they can have the story stay consistent.

What needs to happen now is for Robin Leach to confirm and reconfirm with his sources exactly what is going on. He also needs to get into contact with Britney’s management and get as clear an indication of when her team actually expects to make an official announcement. If the residency is to start this fall, they’ve only got a month or so to get things finalized. This may not come together until the 11th hour. But it’s quite likely that Leach will report on every last detail that leaks out regardless.


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