Remembering Aaliyah

Blackground, Virgin

Blackground, Virgin

On this day 11 years ago, Aaliyah Dana Haughton passed away. It’s hard not to reflect on a late artist’s contributions to the landscape of music and not think about what could have been.

At 22, Aaliyah had revamped her image. Gone were the baggy clothes and in their place were midrif-baring tops revealing a slim and toned physique. Previously, she started a movie career with the hit Romeo Must Die in 2000 and was set to continue her movie career with a part in two The Matrix sequels.

Where would she be today musically and how far would her acting career have gone? Most importantly, would she still be as influential musically as she had been with innovative producer Timbaland?

Aaliyah has clearly had an impact on the newer artists that emerged in the mid 2000s after her; Ciara and Cassie most notably. Their styles musically and fashion-wise can be  linked to the Princess of R&B. Aaliyah’s music has proved her to be a major cross-over artist, mixing electronic elements with R&B. And since many R&B artists today are trading soul for dance, that could possibly be attributed to a trend the late singer sparked over a decade ago.


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