Lost – Gorilla Zoe

Gorilla Zoe’s most popular track is undoubtedly “Lost” form his March 2009 album Don’t Feed Da Animals.  Like many artists, his song is about being lost in the business. He has his go-to vices to keep him sane: purple and a chick he met in the club. The words in the song smoothly flow from ear to ear with the slick familiar hip-hop beat in the background and a female vocalist that echoes more of the R&B genre.

This isn’t the most typical hip-hop song but it’s not completely original. Yet it still goes a little deeper than the usual: rapping about money, cars, girls, and the like. It’s a song anyone who is feeling at least somewhat overwhelmed can relate to.  And the song actually tells a story making it more relevant.

Image Credit: Bad Boy South, Block, Atlantic


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