Eveyone’s At It – Lily Allen

A departure from her previous work on her 2006 debut album, Alright, Still, Lily Allen’s latest effort features electro-pop songs that are similar to the trend in pop music this year. The song “Eveyone’s At It” details people’s use of prescription drugs ranging from “grown politicians to young adolescents”. A striking line in the song to me is this one: “So your daughter’s depressed well get her straight on the Prozac/But little do you know she already takes crack”

Many people around the globe abuse drugs. And prescription drugs are more easily obtained than many realize. King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley faked symptoms of various illnesses in order to obtain prescription drugs to help him during his concerts in the 1970s. He even bought a book that listed prescription drugs and their symptoms. Collage students take pills like Adderall, a drug used to treat ADD/ADHD to help them pull all-nighters. It is truly disheartening to think that young adults and teens would resort to such things. Would you take prescription medication if it helped your studies? Listen to the song  below and tell me what you think.

lilyallenmusic.com, CBS.com


5 thoughts on “Eveyone’s At It – Lily Allen

  1. Wow. Nice pick. She seems like the type of artist that would do a song like this. It's true addiction to drugs, specifically prescription meds, knows no social classes. It can affect eanyone.

  2. I so love Lily allen she is a beast I swear… But I think she took more of a pink tude…Not in the way she sung the song but in the topic I guess….But lily allen is flipin kool,..

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