Put a Diamond In It – Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons is a glam rock group from New York City that was formed in 2004. Most recently, they’ve been spotted on Lady Gaga’s The Monster Ball tour as an opening act. “Put a Diamond in It” is from the Semi Precious Weapons EP.

Front man Justin Tranter is an openly gay man but carries himself androgynously. When I saw the band at Lady Gaga’s concert in December, he looked like a woman. I thought he was a transgendered woman at first but then I realized that he was a gay man in drag. When the band performed, one of the songs I immediately liked was “Put a Diamond in It”. It’s just one of those songs that get you on your feet and make you want to “rock out”. Check out the band performing the song below.



6 thoughts on “Put a Diamond In It – Semi Precious Weapons

  1. hmmm..a gay lead singer, that's not really suprising in this day in age. i got a sudden flashback to that adam guy who won idol..i think some take the gay thing to an extremeeee, but heyy thats them. ima check them out.

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