Irvinie – Kelly Clarkson

The song “Irvine” seems to be about a person who is struggling with depression and has attempted to commit suicide–a near death experience which causes them to see an angel. In the song they ask for help, saying they have been lonely all their lives. They beg for the angel to stay with them until the “darkness leaves” and to just take them from their misery. The song clearly conveys the painfulness of the disease.

Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of people. I think Kelly Clarkson, who co-wrote the song with Aben Eubanks, does a brilliant job of showing another side of depressions and suicide that I have never heard communicated in a song. Listen to the words carefully as you play the song below.

2 thoughts on “Irvinie – Kelly Clarkson

  1. Wow I really like this how you have taken the essence of the song and really shorten yet not chopping the meaning of what is really there good job..I like it Tre-Beast

  2. Me too. Short, succinct, but still powerful. Your writing style is really coming in to place, and I like it. I always like it when artists write a song on a topic that has (or hasn't) been done a million times and communicate it in an original way. 🙂

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