Artists and Self Expresion

Self Expression is the expression of one’s individuality usually through creative activities. Many artists use self expression in their work. Whether it’s in their songs or in their music videos or concerts, many performers use their career as a means of expressing themselves. My favorite singer, Britney Spears, (Yay!) said in her 2008 documentary Britney: For The Record that art is her therapy. Many singers who also dance on stage during concerts get to express themselves and their music through their choreography .

But what happens when artists’ self expression goes too far? Britney Spears has been criticized for going too far during her concerts and live performances, like at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards when she debuted her single “I’m A Slave 4 U” and performed with a snake. She received much criticism for her so-called raunchy and suggestive performance. Many think Britney goes to far in her performances and songs because of what she expresses. My personal opinion? Artists have the right to express themselves how ever they feel as long as it isn’t causing anyone harm. When an artist is expressing themselves and someone is harmed, then self expression has gone too far.

5 thoughts on “Artists and Self Expresion

  1. I like how you related our theme for the week to music yet again you astonish me with what I don't look into..I'm really glad you did this kinda blog it keeps me peeking..But I agree with you're opinion..

  2. Jo says:

    I agree that self expression should not come at the expense of the safety and respect of others. We also have to be mindful of being overly sensitive so that we don't mute the voices of others when they are expressing themselves.

  3. Music is music. If rappers can express certain topics, so can pop stars. As long as you're not attacking/harming a person or group, I feel that self expression is fine.

  4. Of course it would be Britney. LOL. i know shee's you fav tho. I think the media is just hard on britney the most for some odd reason, but i agree with Kelcie. as long as no one is being harmed self expression is fine.

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