Closer – Kings of Leon

“Closer” is the opening track on Kings of Leon’s 2008 album Only By the Night. The song features electronic and synth elements and guitar that sounds like psychedelic rock. The song isn’t typical of the bands usual sound. According to the bands website, lead singer Caleb Followill says the song is about a lovesick vampire.

Personally, I see the song as something a little more realistic. I see it as being about a lovesick man who was stranded in a relationship by the woman he loved. Now he is wondering if she still cares. Even still, he continues to chase her but the chase is taking a toll. I really like this song because it’s so laid back and moody. But even with the lazy rock-synth beat, there is a stong element in the song.


7 thoughts on “Closer – Kings of Leon

  1. I love artists who are fearless enough to experiment and explore with their music and sound. KOL are no exception. This band and their new album is getting a lot of buzz. I should pick it up sometime…

  2. I agree with the post above, deff since I'm a huge music lover as well I deff like how you're page is set and it also gives me more of a chance to expand on my musical taste..Sweet song…

  3. Mo says:

    The KOL are a nice combination between free-spirited indie rock (my new obsession) and classic hard rock. I'm still exploring their music and so far I'm liking what i hear.

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