Cry – Kelly Clarkson


In March 2009, Kelly Clarkson returned to her pop-rock sound with All I Ever Wanted. The first ballad that appears on the album is “Cry”. The song is according to Kelly, “very much influenced by country — it’s a waltz.” She calls it the most personal song on the album and says it’s about betrayal. Kelly co-wrote the song with two other writers and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder provides backup vocals.

The thing about this song is that Kelly has claimed that she has never been in love. So how can some one write about such betrayal in a relationship if she’s never felt so passionately about a person? The question is answered clearly in a single listening of this song. Not only in the lyrics or even in the sappy music, but in Kelly’s vocals. When she hits those notes you can feel the pain in her voice. Along with her cover of Keri Noble’s “If No One Will Listen” this is probably her best ballad.


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