Just Like a Pill – Pink

The single “Just Like a Pill” by Pink was released in June 2002 off Pink’s sophomore album Missundaztood. The album itself marked a departure from Pink’s sound on her previous record, which had more of an R&B sound. Missundaztood still had R&B elements but the music was more rock tinged, like “Just Like a Pill”. The song is about getting out of a painful relationship told in a metaphor about drug abuse. It was written by Pink and Dallas Austin.

This is my favortie Pink song…EVER! This song made me buy the album back when I was in 5th grade. Pink sings the song like she means it; and she does–in an interview, she said that the song shows “part of who I am” refering to her problems with drugs. The song is very clever and there are many songs out there that deal with hurtful relationships, but this is the only song that I’ve heard that relates it to such a dark subject. It’s very true–staying in a bad relationship will make you ill, instead of making you better, just like a pill.


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