About Me (and the Blog)


Welcome to Rhymes and Riffs! This a a brand-new blog where I will make a post about a song (new or old) that has meaning to me. I’ll be giving you some info on the song and tell you my thoughts and feelings on them. The songs I plan on exploring will span different types of genres.

Now, allow me to introduce myself. I am a girl of 16 (going on 17) who loves music of all kinds and thoroughly enjoys exploring my creativity. Through this blog, I hope that you, the readers, get a sense of who I am and what I am about through the music I like and my opinions about the music and lyrics of the songs. Enjoy the blog! And be sure to leave comments about the songs I post and tell me what songs you think I should post (be sure they have lyrical meaning!)


5 thoughts on “About Me (and the Blog)

  1. Hey Kier, its ur girl KeSolo. lol. I think that this is a really great idea for a blog and im glad that you put ur time into something that you enjoy. i will be checkin up on ur blog and stuff, and maybe even sending in some ideas. I Love You and keep up the good work.

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